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Straight to Jail (11/9/23)

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Straight to Jail (11/9/23)

The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable | Released on May 31, 2024

Exploring the Cultural Impact of Organized Retail Theft

In the latest episode of The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable, we delve into the complex issue of Organized Retail Theft (ORT) and its cultural implications. This phenomenon is not just a political concern; it's deeply rooted in our societal fabric, affecting businesses and communities nationwide. Major retailers like Starbucks, Target, and Walgreens are shuttering stores in response to rampant theft, vandalism, and safety concerns for both staff and customers.

With ORT losses exceeding $112 billion, the conversation extends beyond financial figures, touching on related issues such as drug use and vandalism. Everyday items, from baby formula to toilet paper, are now safeguarded behind locks, highlighting the severity of the situation. This episode also sheds light on how entities like BlackRock, through their ESG score, may inadvertently subsidize such theft, contributing to the degradation of societal norms.

Our discussion further spans the globe, examining how Japan is grappling with the disruptive behavior of some foreign visitors. Influencers seeking online fame contribute to street drinking, panhandling, and littering, prompting businesses to post reminders about basic manners. The episode also touches on the concerning trend of migrants disrespecting cultural landmarks and the broader implications of declining educational standards in the U.S.

Amidst these challenges, we also address the online uproar among American women over men seeking relationships abroad, escaping left-wing politics, and the misconception that these men prefer uneducated partners, despite higher literacy rates in many Southeast Asian countries compared to the U.S.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we dissect the incentivization of crime and its role in reshaping America. Tune into The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable to gain a deeper understanding of these pressing issues and their far-reaching consequences. Don't miss this critical conversation—listen now to be part of the solution.

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