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Spirits of the Anti Christ (5/29/24)

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Spirits of the Anti Christ (5/29/24)

The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable | Released on May 30, 2024

In the latest gripping episode of The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable, we delve deep into the heart of the ongoing 'culture war'. Ryan Gable sheds light on the complex battle lines drawn between factions that either align with or oppose what they perceive as divine or evil influences in society.

With a critical eye, the episode explores the contentious issues surrounding puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and irreversible surgeries for the youth. While the political right stands against these practices in the name of protecting children, the discussion takes a turn to highlight the often overlooked aspects of these debates. Ryan points out the irony in the widespread acceptance of double mastectomy surgeries due to fear of breast cancer and the normalization of circumcision, which he describes as a form of genital mutilation.

The conversation doesn't stop there. Ryan Gable goes on to challenge the extremes of both ends of the cultural spectrum. From the "blue-haired Dr. Marten trendies" who reject traditional femininity to the "bleach blonde, fake breast, plastic surgery foot soldiers" who distort it, the episode questions the authenticity and the underlying motives of these cultural expressions.

Listeners are invited to reflect on the presence of evil influences not just on the left but also those that hide behind the guise of morals and modesty on the right. Whether it's a transgender-related violent incident or a drag show that seems to glorify extreme body modifications, Ryan urges us to confront and reconcile these societal issues with our own beliefs.

Don't miss this thought-provoking episode that challenges you to look beyond the surface of the culture war. Tune in to The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable for an unflinching examination of the moral and spiritual battles shaping our world.

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