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Episode 60- Evil Arrives - Heaven or Hell

Spooky Action at a Distance with David Masters | Released on May 31, 2024

Welcome to the latest episode of A Spooky Action At A Distance podcast! Buckle up as this week, in Episode 60 - Evil Arrives- Heaven or Hell, we delve into the haunting emergence of malevolence.

Our hosts traverse the eerie origins and manifestations of evil, drawing fascinating parallels between ancient mythologies and real-world events. This impactful discussion touches on the pivotal role of psychological and sociological factors that breed and foster such darkness. It offers a comprehensive analysis of how societies, throughout history, have confronted these sinister forces and, in many instances, been transformed by them.

With our riveting storytelling coupled with insightful commentary, this episode will make you ponder the eternal battle between good and evil, and the nuanced shades that lurk in between. We invite you, dear listeners, on this bone-chilling yet thrilling journey towards understanding the roots of evil.

"Where does evil originate from? How does it manifest itself? Why does it persist?" - brace yourselves for an exploration of these compelling questions.

Ready for a spine-chilling adventure? Tune into this episode now! If you find yourself captivated by our content and want to dive deeper into the mysteries of the universe, become a member of Ground Zero: Aftermath. By joining, you gain access to more episodes, news, and other exciting bonuses. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Start your free trial today!

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