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Episode 59- Flight 370 - Homunculus

Spooky Action at a Distance with David Masters | Released on May 27, 2024

In episode 59 of A Spooky Action At A Distance, we take a daring leap into a vortex of fascinating subjects, casting light on the unnerving mysteries that lay therein. This podcast episode delves into the enigmatic disappearance of Flight 370, and plumbs the uncomfortable depths of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.

Our exploration continues to navigate through the alien domain of homunculus, probes into the eccentricities of strange technology, and confronts the eerie apparition of AI demons. The range and magnitude of the topics addressed in this episode may leave even our most steadfast listeners in a state of disarray.

Prepare yourself for an expedition into the clandestine, where each disclosure adds another coil to the spiral of bewilderment.

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