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Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis | Released on March 16, 2024

On a thought-provoking episode of Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis engaged in a stimulating conversation with renowned investigator Ed Opperman about the mysterious death of freelance journalist Danny Casolaro and the web of conspiracies known as the octopus. The chilling details surrounding Casolaro's death, who was found dead in a hotel bathtub with his wrists slashed multiple times in 1991, continue to fuel speculation and intrigue among conspiracy theorists and journalists alike. The "octopus" referred to an alleged criminal network that Casolaro believed was composed of U.S. officials, organized crime members, and intelligence agents. His investigation was cut short, and his death was quickly ruled a suicide by authorities. However, numerous inconsistencies and unanswered questions have led many to believe that he was, in fact, murdered because of what he uncovered. In the illuminating discussion, Opperman revealed some startling connections and provided poignant insights into the depths of Casolaro's investigation. He highlighted not only the promised software and the insidious ties with the shadowy elements within the government but also the potential involvement of significant figures such as Lockheed Martin and Joe Biden. Insightful contributions from Chris Milligan, a publisher and writer, were also featured in the show. His discussion with Clyde included aspects of the case unexplored in the recent Netflix special, "The Octopus Murders." Milligan emphasized the pitfalls of the investigation, often misdirecting or undermining the hard work of diligent investigators like Casolaro. It painted a picture of deceit, covert operations, and the dangerous pursuit of clandestine truths. Listeners contributed to the conversation with their queries, clearly displaying a communal intrigue into how such conspiracies can persist within the ancient but still palpably powerful halls of governments and intelligence agencies. The discussion often circled back to a profound concern: that the governmental corruption and global-scale criminal convolutions that Casolaro probed into, have not ceased but perhaps have become more sophisticated and buried beneath the surface over time. From shared vulnerabilities and frustrations to deeply moved calls for justice, the episode captured the entwined essence of mystery, danger, and the unyielding pursuit of the truth. It highlighted how, years after his untimely and suspicious death, Danny Casolaro's story continues to inspire and haunt, acting as a grim reminder that those who dare to chase the octopus' tentacles often find themselves entangled in deadly embrace. For those brave enough to unearth buried secrets, the world of conspiracy can prove to be a deadly affair--a reality that Danny Casolaro confronted head-first, never to return from the deep water stirred by the formidable currents of the octopus' reach. Originally Broadcast On 3/8/24 Liking this episode? Get more episodes, news and other bonuses when you become a member of Ground Zero: Aftermath. Get a free trial now!

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