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Episode 18 Tulpas-Doppelgängers-Sleep Paralysis-Mandela Effect-Deja Vu

Mysteries Beyond with Laura Lavender | Released on March 25, 2024

In the latest episode of Mysteries Beyond, we dive into the compelling world of Tulpas - our thought forms and what this exactly implies. Can we genuinely generate entities with the sheer power of our minds? We unravel this enigma using real-life examples of beings viewed as Tulpas and how to create them. As with other topics, this leaves more questions than answers.

We also bring forth an intriguing discussion on Doppelgängers. Have you ever stumbled upon your exact replica, beyond just a 'Twin Stranger'? We dissect various superstitions related to doppelgängers, browse through diverse theories, and recount captivating stories of such encounters.

Our exploration then veers to the unnerving phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis. Is it just a sleep disorder or something beyond scientific comprehension? I will be sharing my firsthand experience with sleep paralysis.

Remember how you spell Looney Toons or is it Looney Tunes? We delve into the world-altering topic of the Mandela Effect, a bizarre global event where a large group of people share the same 'false memory'. Is it proof of alternate universes, or is it merely showcasing our memory's imperfection? Listen in to hear both sides of the coin.

We close this episode by delving into the well-known but poorly understood phenomenon of Déjà Vu. Can science justify a phenomenon that approximately two-thirds of the global population has experienced? Are there explanations that go beyond the scope of science?

Do you have a riveting story to share? Email us your tale and, with your permission, we will gladly feature it on a future episode for our avid listeners. Check out our website www.MysteriesBeyond.com or connect with us on Facebook at Mysteries Beyond or on Instagram @LauraLavender.mb

What are you waiting for? Tune in today! Have a story to share? We would love to hear from you. Support the podcast at https://anchor.fm/mysteriesbeyond/support or through Cashapp at http://cash.app/$LauraLavender11

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