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Episode 15 Skinwalkers

Mysteries Beyond with Laura Lavender | Released on March 4, 2024

In the latest gripping episode of Mysteries Beyond, we delve into a topic that has captured human fascination throughout history and worldwide - shapeshifters. This episode focuses on the unique figures from Native-American lore, known as Skinwalkers. These malevolent beings hold the unsettling ability to shapeshift into various animals including wolves, foxes, and coyotes.

But their capabilities extend beyond mere transformation - skinwalkers are known to immaculately mimic animal cries and human voices to lure their prey, possess humans, and are often linked to causing nightmares. Despite their intriguing nature, skinwalkers remain a taboo topic within native tribes, making the quest for information all the more challenging - and riveting.

Join us for this intriguing exploration of the skinwalkers, a mysterious and enthralling facet of Native-American lore. Stay tuned to Mysteries Beyond as we shed light on the unexplored corners of the mysterious world.

Got a personal story that you'd like shared with the world? Feel free to drop us an email with your captivating tale, and with your permission, we would love to feature it in one of our future episodes. Check out our website at www.mysteriesbeyond.com and reach out to us via email at LauraLavender.mb@gmail.com. You can also connect with us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook - @LauraLavender.mb and Mysteries Beyond respectively.

Our mysteries are made all the more enchanting by the intriguing music of Mystery by GoSoundtrack, available to stream or download from Audio Library.

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