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Cereal Raping Your Body (3/5/24)

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Cereal Raping Your Body (3/5/24)

The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable | Released on March 6, 2024

Join us on the latest episode of The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable as we delve into the controversial topic of consumer boycotts and the deeper implications behind them. In this thought-provoking discussion, we explore the recent call to boycott Doritos due to their new brand ambassador, transgender artist Samantha Hudson, drawing parallels to similar situations with Bud Light and Target.

But what does it truly mean to boycott? To "withdraw from relations with" a company or product, one must have supported it initially. However, Ryan argues that the real reasons for boycotting these companies go beyond their marketing choices. The terrifying ingredients in Doritos, the chemicals used on Bud Light's GM crops, and the questionable contents of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are, in themselves, sufficient grounds for a boycott.

"The colorings and sugars in these cereals are not only a health concern but also a spiritual one," Ryan points out, referencing the sacred nature of cereal crops in antiquity and their use in ancient mysteries. He contrasts this with today's hyperactivity-inducing, hyper-sensitizing products that exploit our senses rather than expand our minds.

The episode also examines the hypocrisy of outrage and boycotts across the political spectrum, highlighting how these actions often serve as a marketing scam rather than a genuine protest. Ryan discusses the irony of boycotting one product only to replace it with another from the same company, and the broader implications of trans-marketing that targets a small percentage of the population, leaving the majority susceptible to emotional manipulation.

Don't miss this eye-opening episode that challenges conventional thinking and uncovers the hidden layers of consumer activism. Tune in now to The Secret Teachings with Ryan Gable and join the conversation on the true impact of our buying choices.

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