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Caught on Camera: Disturbing Trends in IRS Monitoring and Prosecution

By GZR News on February 22, 2024

From the dawn of civilization, tax collection has served as a necessary pillar of sustainable governments. However, the question of how far can a government agency go to ensure financial compliance has continued to draw widespread attention. More recently, an unexpected revelation by an IRS official has highlighted a troubling trend about breaches of privacy.

One of our citizen journalists at OMG, as part of the American Swiper program, engaged IRS official Alex Mena on the access the IRS has to the financial records of the public and the sort of power it wields.

During the conversation, which was recorded on a hidden camera, Mena confirmed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) had gained access to individual bank accounts with the sole aim of flagging potential abuse. He summarized it as a sophisticated, albeit invasive, tool functioning on nationwide scale, not limiting to localities such as New York or New Jersey.

This revelation raises important questions about privacy and constitutional rights. One might question, is it constitutional to access personal bank accounts without express consent or a warrant?

Mena himself expressed doubts about the legality and constitutionality of these IRS practices. According to him, the IRS has access to “all the information from all the companies, like in the whole world, not just in the United States,” and uses AI for forensic financial examination, eliminating the requirement for any real evidence to perform an audit.

In recent times, the AI tool has proved to be highly effective, reportedly helping the IRS capture half a billion dollars in just six months. Despite it being effective, many may argue that it stripes away constitutional rights and invades personal privacy – posing as a symbol of digital authoritarianism.

Interestingly, Mena also revealed that the real control of the AI doesn’t rest with the IRS, but with the Department of Justice and the Secretary General. There seems to be lack of accountability and transparency, further amplifying the belief that it�s nearly impossible to lose a government job.

In a disturbing anecdote, Mr. Mena shared that the IRS has gone after billionaires such as NFL team owners, who reportedly pay very little taxes. He implies the IRS is unmoved by empathy or fear, alluding to the possibility of levying hefty fines on the wealthiest irrespective of their stature.

Clearly, a closer look at the IRS reveals a reality that is unnerving. As Mena recounts his personal journey in the criminal investigations unit, one can sense ongoing struggles with moral dilemmas, as livelihoods literally hang in the balance of these investigations.

As the American public, we need to question where we draw the line in surrendering our basic rights to privacy. Are we allowing administrative expediency and performance efficiencies to undermine constitutionally safeguarded privacy rights? Is digital dystopia becoming a reality within the dense corners of bureaucracy?

Think about it, act upon it � and definitely do not withhold your voice.

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